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Do you know the Sperone estate? Specialising in exceptional properties, L'immobilière Sperone helps many clients with their rental projects every year! Are you ready to go on holiday too? We'll be with you every step of the way.

Discover our luxury villas for rent in Sperone.

Domaine de Sperone, an exceptional place

Sperone stretches over 135 hectares, offering unrivalled views of the sea: the Sperone estate is one of those earthly paradises that you fall head over heels in love with when you visit for the first time.

Set between sea and mountains, Sperone faces the vastness of the Mediterranean, the Lavezzi islands and Sardinia, Corsica's Italian twin. It's a dazzling sight that our top-of-the-range clientele never tire of contemplating.

With its contemporary buildings nestling in the heart of the scrubland, the estate has a real architectural bias, featuring wood - red cedar imported from North America for its excellent durability - as the main building material for both walls and roofs, but also and above all a design that allows the villas to blend in with the wild, luxuriant nature that is so characteristic of South Corsica.

Another special feature of the villas on the Sperone estate is that some of them are built on stilts rather than on traditional concrete foundations, which has made it possible to compensate for the slope of the land without compromising a certain idea of architecture that has marked the construction of the various properties.

As a result, Sperone is now a forerunner in timber construction, at a time when the process is becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe.

Customers come not only to savour the incomparable charm - the estate is privately owned - and to feast their eyes on the dazzling views of the deep blue sea, but also to take part in a certain art of living, admire the finesse of the architecture and enjoy the omnipresent nature.

Our various properties for rent in Sperone

Our expertise lies not only in our many years of experience, but also in the working philosophy we have adopted over the last thirty years.

As lovers of Corsica and its natural beauty, we visit each property we offer for rent in great detail - we even take photos of them ourselves - to check that they meet our standards and the criteria we have set ourselves.

Why is this important? Because, after listening to you and analysing your needs, we can offer you rental properties that really match your aspirations and the idea you have of your stay in Corsica.

At our Immobilière Sperone agency, we offer houses and villas for rent on the Sperone estate, as well as throughout southern Corsica. Location, surface area, facilities, swimming pool, sea view, architecture, concierge service... We're here to listen to all your requirements.

Why rent a property in Sperone?

Fancy a break at the very tip of Corsica, in an environment that's both relaxing and stimulating? Think Sperone.

In 1990, the estate opened a facility that makes this location unique in Corsica: an international golf course, whose 18-hole course is known to many golfers for the drive it allows over the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean on hole 16.

As well as the course's appeal to golf fans, renting a property in Sperone will allow you to enjoy the magnificent beaches that line its coastline. Beaches such as Petit Sperone, Grand Sperone, Piantarella and Ile de Piana... These stretches of white sand, hemmed in by waves of turquoise water, are veritable works of natural art that you can admire at your leisure, or just laze around in complete relaxation.

Let the sun warm you, listen to the sound of the sea, in a word: RES-PI-RER. The advantage of staying at Sperone and not elsewhere is that you'll have your feet firmly in the water, with no need to drive for miles to lay down your towel and enjoy a calm, relaxing setting.

What to do in and around Sperone ? 

If you're looking for a more sporting holiday, the surrounding area is not only full of landscapes to marvel at, but also activities to enjoy. With Figari airport only 25km away, the resort is both easily accessible and located in the heart of a tourist area that's keen to showcase all its expertise to ensure visitors have an unforgettable time.

Whether you're a kitesurfer, windsurfer, horse rider, cyclist, hiker or climber, you're bound to find a spot where you can practise your favourite sport, let off steam during your stay, or discover a new discipline.

If you're a more moderate adventurer, you can take advantage of services such as a boat trip off the coast of the Lavezzi Islands or to the cliffs that give the town of Bonifacio its nickname of "City of Cliffs". You can also wander the narrow streets of Bonifacio, alone or with a guide, to discover its secrets.

Situated at the southernmost tip of mainland France, the town still bears the traces of history that have shaped its identity and given it the face it still has today. With its Gothic church, old town, bastion and marina, there are plenty of interesting monuments and places to visit. A must-see is the Staircase of the King of Aragon, a series of 187 vertiginous steps carved into the cliffs above the sea and designed to lead to the well of Saint-Barthélémy.

A holiday in Corsica, and at Domaine de Sperone in particular, means you can be sure that all the conditions are in place for a great time, whether you're with family or friends, sporty or not.

Contact us to find out more about our properties for rent in Sperone, Corsica.

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