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Need an experienced real estate agent to carry out your purchase project? With extensive experience in luxury real estate, Immobilière Sperone has established itself as a reference in South Corsica. As a future buyer, using our services will guarantee you attentive and serious listening, and will allow you to have access to a catalog of exceptional properties.

Discover our properties for sale in Porto-Vecchio in this category.

Our experience in prestigious real estate

At Immobilière Sperone, we specialize in prestigious real estate, having experienced it for almost thirty years within the Sperone estate.

Located in the extreme south of Corsica, this private space of 135 hectares with an international golf course is the preferred destination for a high-end clientele, who come to seek calm... But not only that!

Famous throughout the world for offering a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, Sperone is also known for the avant-garde of its constructions, which fit perfectly into the setting of greenery and scents offered by our maquis. From the materials used – wood, and in particular red cedar which has the characteristic of becoming more beautiful as it ages – to the contemporary and refined lines, the national and international press regularly praises the way in which these villas and residences contribute to making this place a haven of peace, open to the sea and the surrounding vegetation.

These exceptional properties, perfectly integrated into the landscape, offer incredible panoramas over the turquoise blue lagoon of Piantarella, over the white sand beach of Grand Sperone but also when you look in the distance, over the Bouches de Bonifacio nature reserve and its islands, Lavezzi, Cavallo, Piana or Ratino or even further away in the North of Sardinia, an Italian neighbor that is both similar and so different.

The views are unique and the villas offer a perfect setting for lovers of beautiful landscapes and pristine nature. But our villas also delight lovers of contemporary architecture, and this is what tenants and buyers who call on us are looking for.

Why entrust us with your real estate project?

We are all in love with Southern Corsica, in love with its landscapes, its gentle way of life, its inexorably beautiful nature and we are committed to ensuring that our customers have the unique experience of this Corsican dolce vita.

However, above all, we want to provide you with services of impeccable quality, meeting your expectations in every way. To do this, we put our listening skills at your service, so as to understand your project by offering you a perfectly adapted response.

If listening and professionalism are our watchwords, it is also important to us in our work philosophy to only offer you properties – apartments, villas, building land – that we have previously surveyed and visited at length, and to which we have been sensitive.

Above all, we want to work in complete transparency with you, in order to fully satisfy your requests. Don’t hesitate any longer, contact us!

Why invest around Porto-Vecchio?

Located around thirty kilometers from Bonifacio and the southern tip of the Isle of Beauty, the town of Porto-Vecchio and its surroundings constitute an ideal place to make a rental investment.

If its sumptuous white sand beaches (the beach of Palombaggia, rightly elected one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe, but also that of Santa Giulia or Pinarello, very suitable for relaxing) which offer a breathtaking view the breath of the big blue is enough to bring tourists in all seasons, it has many other assets.

As everywhere on the island, the weather is one of these assets: with hot and dry weather in summer and rather mild winters, it is considered sufficiently mild to fully enjoy the Corsican experience all year round.

But that's not all: Porto-Vecchio is itself a city full of surprises. Its citadel, destroyed three times and rebuilt as many times, tells a part of the history of Corsica which will delight tourists in search of discoveries.

Shopping enthusiasts will find what they are looking for while wandering the streets of the old town, where shops abound. As for the more party-loving people, they will appreciate the entertainment that reigns there once night falls, in the numerous restaurants, bars or nightclubs where they can spend their evening.

Athletes will not be left out either: they will be able to navigate between the different activities offered in the surrounding area. Board sports (kitesurfing, windsurfing, water skiing, canoeing, stand-up paddle, etc.), thrilling activities (flyboarding, parasailing, etc.), exploring the surrounding area (hiking, mountain biking, canyoning, etc. .) and sea (diving, snorkeling, etc.). The list of activities is long, and one thing is certain: there will be something for everyone!

You will have understood: investing in Porto-Vecchio or surrounding areas is a good idea because you will always find takers to rent your property, as the list of vacationers likely to be attracted is so long.

Investing in Porto Vecchio: to spend a vacation there?

For all the reasons mentioned above – the postcard beaches, the weather, the diversity of activities offered – but also for our hospitable tradition, which conquers new visitors every year and marks them forever.

Buying a second home in South Corsica ensures you spend a vacation in the sun, enrich yourself with new experiences, meet new people and experience unparalleled emotions.

It also means taking a break in the middle of nature in the frenzy of everyday life, since the surroundings of Porto-Vecchio are full of magnificent sites where you can recharge your batteries and fill up on serenity. Starting with the village of Ospedale, at an altitude of 900 m and half an hour from the “city of salt” (Porto-Vecchio is so nicknamed because there are many salt marshes there).

You can discover an artificial lake, nestled in a national forest of more than 700 hectares planted with laricio pines and beeches, and which appears to walkers as the ideal setting to reconnect with nature.

So do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our villas offered for sale.

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