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What if this summer, you opted for a seasonal rental in Porto-Vecchio or its surroundings? This town in Southern Corsica has many assets, and as specialists in prestigious real estate, we can help you find the villa or apartment to make your dream vacation plans come true!

Find all our properties for rent in Porto-Vecchio.

Immobilière Sperone, 30 years of experience

In our Sperone Real Estate agency, we strongly believe in experience. For more than thirty years, we have been advising investors and vacationers in their choices, whether they come to us with a specific or pending purchase project or even with an already decided idea of the place to stay in where they want to spend their vacation.

Over these many years, we have acquired unique know-how in the real estate management of luxury goods, and wish to put this know-how at your service. Whatever your rental project, we will be able to listen to it, understand it and above all satisfy it by offering you the property that will precisely meet your expectations.

This dream... all you have to do is open the door to our Sperone Real Estate agency, and it will become reality because our selection of villas and apartments, rigorously visited and photographed, correspond to the qualitative charter that we have imposed on ourselves for the last thirty years. A reality made of brown or light wood, noble and discreet materials, clean lines and open space, a reality designed by the greatest architects and decorated by owners who care about their guests. And this, so that the change of scenery takes place as soon as you have opened the door to your “home” for a week or more…

Why rent in Porto-Vecchio and its surroundings?

Located northeast of Bonifacio and the southern tip of Corsica, the town of Porto-Vecchio, bordered by water on all sides, is rich in numerous assets that will convince you to spend your next vacation there.

Here, among these assets, are those that can be listed :

- Palombaggia beach, a long stretch of white sand at the foot of the dunes, tickled by the turquoise-colored waves of the Mediterranean. A real film set – Palombaggia was voted the most beautiful beach in France in 2019 – to discover kilometers of virgin nature, as if it were raining. Other beaches, such as that of Santa Giulia, a paradise for kite surfers out of season, with its pontoon on which you can sit to watch the sunrise, or that of Carataggio, accessible only on foot or on board a boat. A boat is also essential when staying in Porto-Vecchio;

- The numerous hiking trails near the town, most of which offer breathtaking views of the vast blue expanse. They are referenced by the IGN, which allows you to find out before taking them on the level of difficulty of the hike and its duration, or the positive and negative elevation gain;

- The old town and its historic center, which is worth visiting. You enter through the Genoese gate, formerly the only entrance to the citadel, which opens onto the districts showing an origin as secular as it is fortified. We overlook the gulf and its marina. You can stroll from square to square, but also visit the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church with its rich interior decoration and the Sainte-Croix chapel which faces it, or even one of the 5 bastions in the city, including the bastion of France which today houses artistic exhibitions and offers, from its roof terrace, a unique view of the deep blue;

- The salt marshes, which have no longer been active since the 2000s but constitute a key element of the city's heritage, since they gave Porto-Vecchio its nickname of "city of salt";

- The nearby archaeological sites, which allow us to retrace the very ancient history of Porto-Vecchio, cradle of civilizations from the prehistoric period, notably the pre-neolithic and the neolithic. A good way to alternate lazing on the beach with history lessons;

- The omnipresence of nature, and especially when you gain a little height by going to l'Ospedale, a pretty mountain village a few hundred meters above sea level above Porto-Vecchio, where you can admire the laricio pines reflected in the artificial lake of Southern Corsica;

- The numerous activities offered, for lovers of sporting holidays. Among them: kitesurfing, windsurfing, catamaran, stand-up paddle, diving, horse riding, snorkeling, golf (of Sperone or Lezza, that of Sperone being renowned for its extraordinary 18-hole course ), tree climbing, canyoning... As you will have understood, there is something for all tastes, for all ages and for the whole family, the hardest part being making a choice! ;

- The excitement that takes over Porto-Vecchio in the evening as we stroll through the lively streets. Renowned for its atmosphere, the city changes its face at sunset. The café terraces give way to bars and restaurants where you can eat and sip cocktails, and there are a few trendy places to dance for the more adventurous.

Practical information about Porto-Vecchio

Are you still hesitant about renting a property to spend the summer near Porto-Vecchio? Here is some practical information about the city.

First of all, you should know that the weather is mild all year round. The weather is reported to be hot and dry in summer, and mild in winter, with temperatures generally oscillating between 15°C in January and 31°C in August. No matter what season you decide to spend your vacation there, you will be in the condition to unwind.

The level of sunshine is important: there are no less than 13 hours of sunshine per day in July!

Another advantage of Porto-Vecchio: it is an easily accessible destination for visitors, whether French or from abroad. Indeed, Figari international airport is only about twenty kilometers from the city, and you can reach Ajaccio airport in 2.5 hours maximum by road or Bastia airport in 2 hours.

The proximity to Bonifacio is also an advantage: whether you stay in one or the other of the two towns, they both constitute places of interest to visit during a stay, and it is easy to get around. move from one to the other to stroll there or indulge in the different activities mentioned above.

Would you like to know more about our villas for rent in Porto-Vecchio? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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