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The Bonifacio region is tempting you for a vacation this summer? Do you want to organize a ceremony, a birthday or a wedding there? Contact us!

As a real estate agency specializing in prestigious real estate for almost three decades, we will be able to direct you to the rental property that suits you.

Here, find all our luxury villas located in Bonifacio.

Why call  L’Immobilière Sperone?

With many years of experience at the Sperone estate, we work seriously and with high standards.

All our properties are passionately and rigorously selected following uncompromising and personalized criteria, strongly inspired by architectural quality, environmental integration as well as respect and enhancement of heritage.

We do not limit ourselves to a range of prices or services. This explains the variation in prices and products presented but all our goods have in common that they are, in themselves or in a place, privileged, attractive, aesthetic or rare.

In preference to standardized villas often for rental, we opt for places inhabited by the soul of their owner.

We also do everything we can to ensure that the rental offers we send to you are perfectly consistent with your request: we listen to you, attentive to your needs and eager to respond as best as possible to satisfy you.

With this in mind, it is with peace of mind that you can use our services to realize your rental project in the Bonifacio area.

Rent in Bonifacio for the holidays, the advantages

The southernmost city of Corsica, Bonifacio is a very attractive city for those who want to spend their holidays there. Some of the benefits of staying in the area include:

- The beauty of the panoramas, offered at several points of the “city of cliffs” (the nickname refers to the geographical location of part of the city, planted on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean). If the Corsican landscapes are renowned for being generally magnificent, those of the Bonifacian region offer incomparable perspectives. From the Sperone area for example, we can see the Lavezzi islands and the Piantarella lagoon, but also Sardinia, very close to Corsica both geographically and in terms of culture and lifestyle;

- The multiplicity of leisure activities offered is also a strong argument. Around Bonifacio, there are indeed a thousand and one discoveries to make, starting with water sports which allow you to both exercise and enjoy the salt spray. Boat trip and discovery of sea caves, canoeing, jet-skiing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, paddle, scuba diving... The list is long and that's good: it means that the whole family will find something to enjoy there. But it doesn't stop there. There are also many land activities, such as hiking, canyoning or even horse riding, allowing people prone to seasickness to enjoy their turn;

- The quality of the beaches, which is often the main reason why vacationers opt for Corsica. Bordered by white sand, bathed in turquoise water, the beaches around Bonifacio are a delight for the eyes. No less than 10 sites offering a multitude of beaches and secret coves over 100 kilometers of virgin coastal stretch.

- The presence of an international golf course well known to golfers since the 90s. Another sporting activity, golf is an integral part of the Bonifacian art of living. At the Sperone estate, the famous 18-hole course allows you to drive above the Mediterranean... An experience very popular with golf lovers;

- The diversity of cultural, historical and religious heritage which characterizes Bonifacio is surprising. If it offers a breathtaking view of the deep blue, that's not all: the city of cliffs is also full of places to visit, which allow you to retrace the city's past and discover its history. To see (among others): the alleys of the citadel and their small squares where to stop for a drink, the only Gothic church in Corsica (the bastion of the Standard which ensured the defense of the city since the 13th century) or even the King of Aragon staircase, an unusual structure on the side of a cliff which leads to the Saint-Barthélémy well. As you can see: you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to visits;

- The mildness of the weather, which allows you to enjoy it in all seasons, since the weather is dry and hot in summer and rather mild – and much less rainy than in the Ajaccio region – in winter. Coming to Corsica means putting all the chances on your side, to take a dolce vita break from the brutality of everyday life;

- The richness of gastronomy, also very important since it offers visitors a unique experience. At the seaside, we delight in particular seafood products, always extra-fresh given the island character of the region, but nothing prevents you from tasting the cold cuts and artisanal cheeses, as tasty as they are comforting;

- Accessibility, thanks to the Figari Sud Corse international airport, located only about twenty kilometers from Bonifacio and which allows many tourists to be transported each year... Will you be next? If your departure airport does not serve it, please note that Ajaccio and Bastia airports are approximately 2.5 hours away by car;

- Corsican hospitality, a strong point of Southern Corsica for many years and which allows visitors, French and foreign, to spend a moment in an unforgettable place in good company.

The advantages of renting a property in the Bonifac region are numerous, and we are here to support you in this project!

Renting for a wedding in Bonifacio, is it possible?

When planning their wedding, many couples dream of a ceremony and a banquet on the edge of a Corsican beach, with their feet in the water. If this is your case, know that it is possible: we offer our services for all types of rental needs, whether it is a one-month stay or a one-week rental for your wedding in a small group, and some of our villas can accommodate up to twenty people and offer high-end services (terrace, swimming pool, sea view, decoration by renowned architects, etc.).

Advantages ? Have absolutely dazzling wedding photos but also and above all, invite your friends and family to a dream location, and offer them an experience that some of them have never had before.

If you are interested in renting in Bonifacio, contact us so that we can draw up the outline of your project!

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